There are things that you have to think about whether you have a pet currently or are considering having one at some point. Dogs are great at offering absolute love. Also, they’re an excellent addition to your family. However, you should be wary that you’ll have to potty train your dog, especially if you’re getting a puppy.  

For those who don’t know, dog urine is harmful to your carpets and it can easily ruin it. You should not worry, though, since a Carpet Cleaning Yakima professional can help.  

How Professionals Can Help 

Your best move is to call in the experts when it comes to dealing with pet stains in your carpet. They’ve got the products, skills, and tools to get rid of stains and odors. This will help you maintain the cleanliness of your carpet and improve its lifespan. 

You know that your carpet is a huge investment. Thus, you perhaps will not be in a situation to replace it after getting a new pet. Fortunately, you will not have to worry about that when you’ve got experts to come in. They can help you make your carpets look clean and last for a longer period. 

Potty Train Your Puppy 

It can be hard to monitor your new puppy constantly. They can easily go on your carpet even if you simply look away for a couple of seconds. If you want to avoid stains, you’ve got to think about placing down a couple of puppy pads. You can purchase them online or in a retail store. 

These pads have a plastic protector on the bottom and an absorbent top. They’re an ideal choice compared to newspapers since the ink from a newspaper can spread and stain the carpet. In addition to that, puppy pads also lower the smell that gets into the fibers of the carpet. It also promotes your puppy to keep going in that area. 

Aside from puppy pads, you should also think about confining your puppy to a smaller place when you’re gone or at night or consider kennel training your puppy. This will lower the areas they can roam. This also means you’ll have fewer areas to clean.  

Clean Up Right Away 

To make sure that you catch your dog right after or right before they go on your carpet, you need to always monitor them. It’s extremely crucial to clean up the mess as soon as you can. Keep in mind that you should not rub wet spots. The proper way is to blot it. Utilize clean towels or paper towels to do the job.  

You’ve got to ensure you pick up the chunks using a paper towel if you’re dealing with a solid pile. Also, you will have to utilize a unique carpet spot cleaner for the stain.  

In addition to that, you have to ask whether the carpet cleaner has an odor remover that you can use on your carpet. This will remove the smell from your carpet. Your dog might believe that it is fine to go in similar area again if it can smell where he’s gone before.